4. Articulate the Richmont Difference
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Articulate the Richmont Difference

For more than eighty years Richmont has provided a unique, Christ-focused model of graduate education that no other institution can replicate. It’s “classroom to clinic” approach remains the best-in-class. Defining that experience clearly and compellingly and messaging it to wider audiences is crucial to future success.
To achieve this Aspiration, we will…

Distill the essence of Integration into a clear and differentiating ideal that can be marketed to wider clienteles as our most unique feature/characteristic, the quality that also sets us apart from and above our competition.


Emphasize the actionable “education-faith-service” continuum model that characterizes all University endeavors.


Measurably increase our involvement in both the greater Atlanta and Chattanooga community by sponsoring more social, educational, faith-oriented, and service-minded activities for residents. Richmont will make a concerted cultural shift away from its insular inclinations to more active engagement in the community.


Employ multi-media and multi-channel communication pathways to communicate with internal as well as external stakeholders to promote a consistent, high quality brand identity.


Prioritize the creation and delivery of visual communication modalities to share different, unique aspects of the Richmont experience by focusing on an eighty-year commitment to transformational impact on people and communities. These testimonials should tell the Richmont story in a way that is accessible to external audiences and carry the capacity to educate, inspire, and motivate.

Principle Initiatives


  • Engage a public relations firm to craft a differentiating market identity based on our Christ-centeredness and unique model of Integration

  • Implement a brand-building campaign leveraging technology, social media, and paid/placed advertising

  • Launch an intentional intra-university communication strategy to focus on information flow between campuses as well as between departments to assure consistency in representation/messaging

  • Increase the number of local community social, cultural, and spiritual events on both campuses to show the University as a good neighbor


  • Offer education and training opportunities to other faith-based institutions on the Richmont model of Integration
  • Invest in and develop a catalog of professional-grade videos covering the signature programs and unique aspects of the Richmont Experience
  • Become a recognized provider of certification for fields where the University has demonstrable expertise, particularly trauma training
  • Expand the number of Hope Counseling Centers to further our pure-to-applied learning model to the benefit of underserved areas and sites outside of our traditional reach


  • Collect and publish evidence that establishes our reputation as thought leaders in specialized Christian graduate education
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of all marketing efforts through data analytics from our recruitment database to determine if the University has become a “first choice” or “destination”