4. Articulate the Richmont Difference
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Articulate the Richmont Difference

For more than eighty years Richmont has provided a unique, Christ-focused model of graduate education that no other institution can replicate. It’s “classroom to clinic” approach remains the best-in-class. Defining that experience clearly and compellingly and messaging it to wider audiences is crucial to future success.
To achieve this Aspiration, we will…

Distill the essence of Integration into a clear and differentiating ideal that can be marketed to wider clienteles as our most unique feature/characteristic, the quality that also sets us apart from and above our competition.


Emphasize the actionable “education-faith-service” continuum model that characterizes all University endeavors.


Measurably increase our involvement in both the greater Atlanta and Chattanooga community by sponsoring more social, educational, faith-oriented, and service-minded activities for residents. Richmont will make a concerted cultural shift away from its insular inclinations to more active engagement in the community.


Employ multi-media and multi-channel communication pathways to communicate with internal as well as external stakeholders to promote a consistent, high quality brand identity.


Prioritize the creation and delivery of visual communication modalities to share different, unique aspects of the Richmont experience by focusing on an eighty-year commitment to transformational impact on people and communities. These testimonials should tell the Richmont story in a way that is accessible to external audiences and carry the capacity to educate, inspire, and motivate.

Principle Initiatives


  • In partnership with SeeSparkGo, a brand-building campaign leveraging technology, social media, and paid/placed advertising was launched, ensuring that our Christ-centered, unique model of integration becomes nationally known and recognized.
  • In showing the University’s commitment to fostering community, Richmont held the first annual Welcome Back Picnic & Good Neighbor Event, the first of many to come.


100% Complete or Complete & Ongoing


  • Richmont faculty presented the Grace Intervention manuscript during the 2020 CAPS (Christian Association for Psychological Studies) conference, spreading Richmont’s integrative methodology and values to faculty and graduate students from across the nation.
  • Through partnerships with universities across the country, Richmont’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion launched the Panel of Diverse Faculty Series, furthering dialogue and awareness about racial and social injustice, and providing faculty and students across the country with resources and tools for addressing these within institutions of higher learning.
  • With the goal of ensuring that Atlantans have access to low-cost, high-value, integrative counseling, Richmont has added the first four of eight additional Hope Centers through partnerships with churches across Atlanta. These new centers include: Pentecostal of Lawrenceville, Dunwoody Presbyterian, Grace Marietta, Canaan Land International.
  • Richmont was awarded the HRSA federal grant providing our students with training funding for interns, partner site volunteers, and staff. These trainings will be open for continuing education purposes as well. This makes Richmont a training site for multiple specializations in a number of different modalities.


75% Complete or Complete & Ongoing; 25% In Progress


  • The Richmont Trauma Center continues to provide trainings via Continuing Education events, to HRSA interns, RTC staff, RTC partner site staff, and other Richmont interns.
  • Richmont’s website has been overhauled and redesigned.
  • The Integration Committee was formed and has begun gathering data and creating new initiatives to further grow and showcase Richmont’s unique, integrative approach.
  • Libraries has created and implemented their own social media and outreach.


100% Deferred