2. Enhance the Student Experience and Success
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Enhance the Student Experience and Success

As a person-centered University, Richmont will provide its students with holistic growth opportunities. Intentional experiences designed to help students evolve across all developmental domains – spiritual, physical, cognitive, professional, interpersonal, call to Christian service and justice – will further facilitate their life and career success.
To achieve this Aspiration, we will…

Impanel a cross-sectional task force to develop a comprehensive plan for co-curricular student development. This plan should include greater opportunities for community service, affinity groups/student organizations, leadership development, mentoring, and career exploration.


Introduce a Richmont Retreat Experience for all new/continuing/graduating students, with different tracks depending on place in program. The Retreat will build cohesion among 1st years, support and renewal to 2nd years, and reflective as well as career development experience for 3rd years. This Retreat promises to be a watershed developmental experience for students in their quest for deeper bonds, wisdom, sense of personal mission, and inspire a lifelong desire for doing Christian good.


As a person-centered institution, Richmont will devote more attention and resources to developing students holistically and with a strong bent toward wellness. The THRIVE Quality Enhancement Plan made a great stride toward embedding emotional and spiritual self-care in University culture. Not stopping there, well-being also includes physical wellness. To that end, Richmont will create pathways to health as well as fitness opportunities that are accessible, affordable, and communal.


Strengthen the career development preparation that School of Counseling students receive through a structured program that facilitates their transition to the professional world of work.

Principle Initiatives


  • Expand scholarship support for students by 15% annually each of the three years of this strategic plan
  • Create a multilayered plan for wider student involvement and co-curricular learning opportunities
  • Identify and introduce a model framework of ‘best practices’ in building community for online students
  • Sponsor series of wellness activities and partnerships with related sources for students which deepen and expand the current “Thrive!” initiative
  • Create a master calendar of activity to increase the frequency and scope of student-led community service projects


  • Construct and pilot a transformational “Richmont Retreat Experience” students
  • Launch an alumni-led career development seminar series to help students prepare for lives of work after graduation
  • Expand the number of research-based graduate assistantships available in campus to foster student interest in research as well as more intensive faculty collaboration


  • Introduce an international learning/service program for students
  • Secure 50% of all alumni to participate in the student Mentoring Program

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March 2021