5. Grow Resources and Learning Infrastructure
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Grow Resources and Learning Infrastructure

Building the capacity to execute this plan requires more capital—financial, physical, and human. We will work intelligently to expand our endowment, cultivate resource-rich partnerships, secure more foundation and grant support, and grow our campus infrastructure to assure that we determine our destiny.
To achieve this Aspiration, we will…

In concert with this “In Pursuit of Excellence – 2021” Strategic Plan, plan and execute a three-year, $5 million capital campaign.


Prioritize enrollment growth, fund-raising, grant awards, and partnerships as well as sponsorship opportunities to strengthen the University’s financial base. All senior leadership will work with the President and Development Office to be trained as “educational entrepreneurs” and share responsibility to contribute to raising resources to advance University and departmental aims.


Identify and pursue appropriate alternative sources of revenue generation for the University to enable it to further meet its educational and service mission.


Establish a joint President-Trustee committee to develop a master facilities expansion plan with the clear intent of exploring ways to grow the current physical campus(es) to better meet emerging needs as well as widen our presence in the communities that we serve.


Better leverage technology to strengthen current instructional spaces through a comprehensive review of our existing informational technology infrastructure and a multi-stage strategy with prioritized recommendations for immediate improvement.

Principle Initiatives


  • Identify a capital campaign consultant, engage them, and complete the preliminaries for a 2020-2021 capital campaign
  • With Trustee involvement, create an executive-level master facilities planning group to explore campus growth/expansion opportunities in Chattanooga, Atlanta, and satellite locations
  • Increase the amount of external grant awards received by the University by 25% each of the next three years
  • Secure sponsorship opportunities with health and wellness corporations to bring new revenue streams
  • Identify new Board of Trustee prospects to expand and diversify the Board to include more foundation as well as culturally diverse corporate leaders


  • Launch a two-year, $5 million capital campaign
  • Create a cost analysis projection covering a new student information system, making existing classrooms “Smart”, enhanced learning management systems, and staff computer replacement calendar
  • Evaluate the possibility of accelerated certificate/degree programs and identify new client pools
  • Form service-provider alliances with other soul-care institutions that are research-rich (e.g. Atlanta Mission, Skyland Trail, Chattanooga Prep, etc.)


  • Continue and successfully conclude the capital campaign
  • Identify and negotiate with hardware/software developers that provide deep discounts to educational institutions