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Three-Year Implementation Timeline

Organizational Impact

The goals for each of the strategic aspirations are broken down into a three-year plan with each year building on the progress that has been made.


Altogether, the intentionally-sequenced efforts of these years will produce a higher-performance, higher-impact organization. Richmont will be more advantageously positioned not just to attain both its stated Mission and Vision, but to advance God’s purposes in ways previously beyond reach.

Year One - Foundational

The primary focus of this year centers on the optimization of specific and appropriately aligned-relationships, procedures, organizational structure, resource distribution, human resources and technology needed for subsequent growth.

Year Two - Next Generation

The emphasis during this year will move from strengthening existing operations to thoughtful experimentation with completely new programs, capabilities, partnerships, and facilities. All of which are designed to advance the University closer to excellence.

Year Three - Transformative

With a foundation laid and a new framework constructed (Years 1 and 2), Richmont will pursue the most daring objectives of the 2021 transformational year (Year 3). Achieving the ambitious and transformational goals of this final year will be the culmination of this Plan.