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Measuring Progress

This Strategic Plan lays out specific yearly goals for each of the five strategic aspirations. Richmont’s institutional effectiveness process will undergird the implementation of these strategic goals. These goals will be interwoven into the strategic planning process as staff and faculty implement the strategic plan. The entire university will be involved in the process of looking at key-performance indicators, and employing data-driven assessment and decision-making towards identifying areas of success and improvement. Updates will be posted below throughout the three-year strategic plan and will highlight progress in the strategic aspirations.


Strategic Plan Progress


Strategic Plan Progress

95% Complete, 5% Discontinued


Strategic Plan Progress

90% In Progress or Complete, 10% Discontinued or 2021 Deferred to/Re-incorporated within 2021 initiatives


Strategic Plan Progress

73% In Progress

Strategic Plan Update – June 2019

Strategic Aspiration 1: Pursue Academic Excellence and Innovation


Initiative 1E: Forge and formalize new partnerships with academic and nonacademic organizations similarly committed to trauma recovery, Christian counseling, play therapy and other areas of specialization for Richmont.


Update: Richmont Graduate University formed a new partnership with the Chattanooga Preparatory School to provide trauma-informed counseling services for students.

sp partnership
Strategic Aspiration 3: Engage New and Diverse Populations


Initiative 3E: Compose and publish an institutional Commitment to Inclusiveness statement.


Update: The Diversity Task Force collaborated with SGA to host an expanded community “Real Talk” event to start discussions on the development of a diversity and inclusion statement for Richmont. All three campuses participated (Chattanooga, Atlanta, and online) and over 50 people were in attendance including students, faculty, and staff from the Schools of Counseling and Ministry.

sp attendance
Strategic Aspiration 4: Articulate the Richmont Difference

Initiative 4A: Engage a public relations firm to craft a differentiating market identity based on our Christ-centeredness and unique model of Integration.

Update: Richmont has formed a partnership with the public relations firm See Spark Go to craft social media marketing campaigns.

sp completed
Strategic Aspiration 5: Grow Resources and Learning Infrastructure


Initiative 5C: Increase the amount of external grant awards received by the University by 25% each of the next three years.


Update: Total grant money received by Richmont increased by 157% in the fiscal year 2019 compared to 2018.


sp growth

Strategic Plan Implementation Timeline

August 2018

Establish the Strategic Planning Executive Committee

September 2018

Community Conversations and Ideation

October 2018

Collate and Analyze Findings

November 2018

Identify Aims and Compose Plan

February 2019

Implement Strategic Plan